Wedell Home Therapy

As an Occupational Therapist based in Nassau County, Long Island, I am passionately committed to advancing personal and innovative solutions to facilitate recovery of lost or declining functions in people or patients afflicted with various medical conditions. My goal is to help a person/patient ward off functional declines from degenerative diseases or a life changing event. I have a proactive occupational therapy approach that focuses on sharing knowledge and empowering an entire family in a caretaking situation.

Wedell Home Therapy is an in-home occupational therapy service. It is not an occupational facility that prepares you to discharge quickly back the community. Registered & Licensed Occupational Therapist, Mark Wedell uses an integrative approach emphasizing the best of the medical model and a holistic model. 

Occupational therapy at home with Mark Wedell can take the basic functions gained in an institution or facility to the next level. Mark Wedell, Occupational Therapist focuses on personal empowerment and the refinement of skills necessary to prepare individuals to complete the daily tasks needed to live and prosper.

All occupational therapy sessions are done at home by appointment only. Insurance is not accepted. Private payment plans can be discussed with Mark Well, Owner of Wedell Home Therapy. If you live in Long Island and are looking for at-home occupational therapy services, contact Wedell Home Therapy.