Wheelchair Evaluation/Assessments

Seating and mobility evaluation:

Purpose - aiding in choosing the best fit for each individual needs/characteristics.

  • (ie. Transport wheelchair (w/c), hemi height w/c for one suffering from a stroke, a tilt in space w/c for pressure relief or a power w/c)
  • Pediatric / adult wheel chairs
  • Custom vs stock
  • Seating/positioning assessments, specialty cushions, tilt-in space pressure relieving features and training
  • Whelchair trials
  • Medical Doctor’s wheelchair prescription
  • Tranport of the chair
  • Basic maintenance of wheelchair
  • Training needs, caregiver training
  • Wheelchair repairs and ordering
  • Adaptations
  • Home modifications to accommodate wheelchair functions in home,
  • Car or converted van evaluations/ recommendations



Schedule an in-home appointment with Mark to access you wheelchair needs. You can feel comfortable and confident knowing you can get around your own home. Mark will professional and effectively evaluate your at home needs.