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Why Hire An Occupational Therapist or Health Counselor Privately?

There are so many reasons and benefits to hiring an Occupational Therapist or Health Counselor privately. Obtaining care outside of a facility can improve your chances of recovery and overall health. Even if you are thinking of supplementing care with an Occupational Therapist or Health Counselor, you can’t go wrong.

Dealing directly with a licensed Occupational Therapist or Health Counselor takes the middle man out of the equation. Oftentimes, healthcare facilities are at the mercy of health insurance companies, not too mention your overall health and eating habits may not be a focus at all.

Many times a patient or client is treated for a specific injury or disease and they only receive treatment a few times a week. The limitations on insurance coverage make it more challenging for a complete and full recovery. An Occupational Therapist with a background in Health Counseling can provide you with overall wellness guidance without worrying about insurance caps or restrictions based on insurance types. Your health and condition is treated one-on-one without insurance restrictions and healthcare facility guidelines that may impact your ability to recover fully.

When working with a Registered, Licensed Occupational Therapist, the client knows who he or she is dealing with and the buck stops there. The therapy is custom to meet individual needs. It is outcome directed without question. The therapies are chosen by the client and facilitated by the therapist. The therapy is prescribed by your Medical Doctor. There are no limiting factors set by the third party payers/insurance.

Whether it is hand writing training for school age children, splinting or bracing for a busy working parent or task skill training for lost skills needed for life by a disease process, the proper therapies are identified. These therapies would be unfettered by third party interests and only influenced by your needs.

Therapies are offered on a daily basis weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis. The choice is yours. It is possible to meet your needs prior to having your deductible met facilitation of healing and skill acquisition is affordable. Be your own advocate or an advocate of your loved one by seeking out a Registered, Licensed Occupation Therapist or Health Counselor that has your best interest at heart.