Rehabilitative Areas Of Expertise

Mark Wedell, Owner of Wedell Home Therapy is certified in a Neurobehavioral Evaluation called ( A- ONE). Neurobehavioral Evaluation is a process that analyzes neurological/behavioral/perceptual and cognitive aspects of function through scoring and interpretation of basic daily functions for individuals afflicted by strokes, traumatic brain injuries or other neurological processes. Strokes, traumatic brain injury and neurological diseases can cause a change in neurological functions in young adults, adults and geriatric adults.

In additional to the Neurobehavioral Evaluation certification, Mark Wedell works with individuals to regain their function. Through the provision of graded achieveable activities that build task skills, confidence, self awareness, skill refinement, strength, motion, proper sensory processing function is regained over time. Mark begins by identifying potentials for active movement, active thought processing potentials, potentials for modifying behaviors and potentials for proper visual/perceptual skills modifications. One of Mark’s concerns is customized sensory diets, identifying nutritional modifications and plans to include custom exercises which enable greater function and independence.

Mark has enjoyed working with individuals in their homes for over twenty years. A-One is an are of expertise for Mark. He has taken numerous continuing education courses on cognitive evaluations and cognitive training. He finds it enjoyable and fascinating to use these measures and practices to help people regain function. Mark’s enjoyment and commitment is evident as he facilitates the patients abilities and recovery of function. He keeps current and informed always seeking out various models or approaches to promoting neuroplasticity (the rewiring of the brain through forced use of ones body or movement training) and incorporating various methods (i.e. NDT /neurodevelopmental training, forced used methods, constraint therapy).

Mark Wedell, Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist is approved by the state Dept. of Health to provide Early Intervention. He provides Occupational Therapy services to infants, toddlers and preschoolers working with parents to obtain the highest level of function for patients. Contact Mark to schedule an evaluation.



Mark has abundant knowledge of short term rehabilitative processes or complex medical conditions. He treats clients of all ages and ethnicities. Wedell Home Therapy looks forward to answering any questions you may have about occupational therapy services.