Mark Wedell is a highly skilled and caring Occupational Therapist working with the pediatric population and their caregivers. Mark creates a team, providing parental/caregiver education as well as working one-on-one to:

  • Promote independent play and self care skills
  • Aid sensory processing, school preparation, skill & social training
  • Apply movement training, NDT (neuro developmental training), grapho-motor skill training, coordination skill attainment and balance training
  • Provide handicap vehicle assessment needs, ordering and training in the use of adaptive equipment, post surgical rehabilitation and prosthetic limb training
  • Assess environmental/home modification and adaptations, identify proper sensory diets

Mark Wedell has worked with the pediatric population for decades and still finds it rewarding everyday. Seeing a young child make progress or improve with the help of occupation therapy services brings joy to his life. Mark works hard to help infants, children and adolescents gain back function and experience the most out of live. Seeing a parents face when their child achieves a goal they never thought possible has simply been an amazing experience for Mark.

Wedell Home Therapy welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your child’s areas of concern. Contact Mark to schedule an in-home Occupational Therapy evaluation.

Have A Specific Question About Your Child?

Wedell Home Therapy works with pediatric clients to give them the best chance of success. Mark is amazing with children and provides exceptional support for parents. Call or email to schedule a pediatric evaluation.