Early Intervention


Are you seeking an in-home Long Island Occupational Therapist to work with your infant or toddler. At some point in an child’s development, a parent may question a perceived delay in reaching developmental milestones or sometimes a diagnosis is made that indicates the need for intervention. There is no better place to improve the quality of life for your infant or toddler than in the comfort of your own home. Early intervention by an Occupational Therapist can improve your infant or toddler's overall abilities.

Mark Wedell, Registered & Licensed Occupational Therapist offers expert in-home therapeutic advice, treatment and education that can address your child’s areas of concern. Mark works directly with your infant to toddler to improve activities of daily living. Children are meant to play. Sometimes their enjoyment can be diminished due to a physical limitation. Contact Mark to explore the possibilities of increased function and more fun in your home.

Occupational therapy provides opportunities for your infant or toddler to grow and develop with the use of daily play activities. Daily play activities can promote increased skill, function and overall enjoyment for your child. Mark involves caregivers in the rehabilitative process to reinforce newly acquired skills. He is readily available for family or caregiver meetings so your questions can be answered promptly. To learn more about Occupational Therapy services or early intervention treatment plans contact Wedell Home Therapy. Your concerns are our concerns and we are standing by to offer Occupational Therapy services, support and assistance.

Not Sure If You're Infant Or Toddler Needs Early Intervention? Do you have a prescription for Early Invention by a Medical Doctor?

Mark Wedell provides professional occupational therapy treatment, counseling and advise. Contact Wedell Home Therapy for an at-home occupational therapy evaluation.