Long Term Rehabilitation Program

Wedell Home Therapy offers long term rehabilitation programs different from a typical long term program in a facility. A long term care rehabilitation program is generally based on insurance coverage which is limited and prematurely terminates before the patient can regain activities of daily living. Most long term rehabilitation programs fall short of meeting individual needs. For example, occupational therapy may be granted for one day per week but the patient requires more treatment to see medical improvements or sustain overall health.

Wedell Home Therapy was formed to help patients, families and caregivers get the kind of care they need and deserve.
Mark Wedell has a long term rehabilitation program that places an emphasis on empowering family members and identifying aides or assistants. Wedell Home Therapy seeks solutions and financial assistance to help fund the process for caregivers and patients.

Wedell Home Therapy identifies your loved ones needs, helps prioritize goals and problem solves financial needs vs budgets

The long term rehabilitation program is geared to replace what is missing in the individual’s life/physiological processes. Some examples of this would be; weight bearing to the joints when one is not standing or walking through adaptive devices or standers, sensory stimulation (central nervous system and peripheral nervous system) to a nervous system, lymphatic stimulation, digestive stimulation, bone density stimulation, vascular stimulation, cognitive stimulation, imposed movement, feeding training, oral stimulation, continuous passive motion modalities/ therapies, thermal modalities. Each body system is assessed to identify deficits and needs.

Home safety measures are identified and put in to effect to ensure safety to those that are lacking judgment and insight with impaired cognitive processes (Dementia cases). Homes are assessed for modifications to accommodate physical limitation or provide adapted lift systems, stair glides, adapted baths, ceiling tract lift systems, lighting considerations, ramping, lifts or kitchen modifications for newly acquired limitations or abilities.

Need A Long Term Rehabilitation Plan To Reach Your Goals?

Mark will tailor a plan to meet your individual needs. Have healthcare goals? Wedell Home Therapy will help you reach them.