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How To Select The Right Wheelchair

Which wheelchair is best to select? Selecting the right wheelchair comes with thoughtful considerations. Measurements, skill limitation assessment, and compensatory planning are just a few factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair. The goal is to match the wheelchair support and features needed to enable independent mobility based on your needs. Many aspects are involved in selecting a wheelchair.

Occupational Therapists (OT’s) have a unique understanding and in-depth knowledge in selecting the right wheelchair. OT’s are familiar with many disabilities and how someone can better facilitate function. Occupational Therapists are experts in how to help individuals facilitate compensation when it comes to certain disabilities.

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It’s part of an (OT’s) job to know the ins and outs of the wheelchair market. Wedell Home Therapy has extensive knowledge about wheelchairs and the specific features available. Occupational Therapists at Wedell Home Therapy are in a unique position to find the best match for individual mobility support.

The wheelchair market consists of many different wheelchairs and a multitude of features that can be applied to ones needs. It’s important to compensate or adapt to a limitation/disability. Hence, it can be difficult to select the right wheelchair without help.

Choosing a wheelchair can be even more complex than making an automobile purchase. It can be intimidating when selecting a car due to all their new features. However, a wheelchair not only requires the basic features of power, ease of operation, warranties, cost etc. It requires the perfect match to the individual’s physical proportions. Size, length, height, width and all other bodily proportions are taken into consideration when choosing a wheelchair. Wedell Home Therapy guides people in selecting wheelchair features vital for just the right fit.

The insurance reimbursement process requires in-depth justification to obtain a wheelchair. Occupational therapists have the skill, knowledge and experience to facilitate this insurance justification process. Insurance companies can be the biggest barrier in obtaining the best wheelchair for your situation.

Occupational therapists are accepted by the state as a wheelchair provider. Wheelchair providers like (OT’s) provide wheelchair assessment services. They are qualified to identify the best wheelchair fit considering the most reasonable approach. For example, if an individual is unable to shift his or her weight or has minimal extremity movement, they may have different wheelchair needs. A wheelchair can be custom built to meet those basic needs in addition to color and comfort selection.

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A person with paralysis has completely different needs for a custom fit wheelchair and mobility over another individual with other limitations. There are many options to consider including:

  1. Seat depth
  2. Head support
  3. Control options for hands, of a sip and puff control for those lacking coordination in their hands
  4. A simple change in the joystick for optimal control

The possibilities are endless. A mid wheel drive wheelchair versus a rear wheel drive power wheelchair reach has its advantages and disadvantages.

Mark Wedell, Owner of Wedell Home Therapy attends the Abilities Expo held in New Jersey at the NJ Convention and Expo Center every year. It helps keep him abreast of the current advances in the wheelchair market. Mark can see what’s new with wheelchair capabilities and share it with clients, family members and friends. The Ability Expo is an annual convention for the adaptation market highlighting the latest in the market and new technology and life enriching products.

Mark Wedell watches demonstrations provided by the presenters, users and manufactures at the Ability Expo. Seeing the demos in person provides him with good insight. Mark learns about the all the possibilities. He figures out how best practices can be applied to the individuals he works with in his occupational therapy practice.

Mark Wedell works with local assistive technology specialists or direct manufacturers. As a result, these valuable relationships allow Mark to implement the latest and greatest advances of today’s mobility products. A custom approach for a wheelchair can be identified and worked out based on any individual’s need.

Mark of Wedell Home Therapy has been providing wheelchair assessments for over 20 years. His experience ranges from working in skilled nursing homes and hospitals to offering in-home occupational therapy services. Mark and his team have a body of knowledge that has grown significantly over the years. Wedell Home Therapy has become a reliable source in the home therapy services industry. The staff ensures the best wheelchair fit for each and every client based on their independent mobility.

The wheelchair purchase, initial seating and positioning assessment are great places to start. There is a need for continued wheelchair maintenance and updates. Upon the warranty expiration, it’s important to keep the chair in optimal functioning condition with annual or biannual assessments, adjustments, upkeep and support. Support is necessary to stay mobile and maintain skin integrity.

The wheelchair controls may require an update or maintenance. Technology changes with wheelchairs too, just as it does with computers and phones. You may also purchase pressure relieving cushions. Sometimes patients wear out the wheelchair cushions. The Wedell Home Therapy team makes recommends for any physical changes that require new or adjusted wheelchair accommodations.

Other considerations are wheelchair transport and ramps into and out of your living quarters. Would a portable ramp be sufficient? Maybe you a considering a permanent ramp? Local permits and variances may apply. Safety features and grading the inclines should both be a consideration. This ensures you or a loved one a whole new level of freedom and mobility independence.

At Wedell Home Therapy we are ready to work in conjunction with the consumer at the highest level of professional support. Experienced staff provides guidance with wheelchair selection and adjustment process. An in-home occupational therapy company like Wedell Home Therapy can help you make challenging decisions. The goal is to ensure that ones mobility needs are met beyond expectation.

Contact Mark Wedell to discuss your home wheelchair assessment needs.

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