COVID-19 Complications As Seen Through The Eyes of Therapists

Covid-19 complications and recovery have been at top of mind in our society today. Everyone has been taking all measures and precautions to prevent contracting this virus. While there are people that have contracted it and made full recoveries, there are still those living with Covid-19 complications and trying to overcome them.


Covid-19 and Its Complications
According to the CDC, the most vulnerable population are individuals over the age of 65 with comorbidities such as respiratory illnesses, cardiac conditions, diabetes, kidney, and liver diseases and immune compromised individuals. Complications from Covid-19 have been identified in many patients as shortness of breath, decreased endurance, balance, mobility, and muscle function all of which affect a person’s activities of daily living. Information about the long-lasting effects of this virus is still unknown as this is a new virus. However, current data, research and discovery are emerging on the importance of addressing these complications, issues and concerns immediately to assist these individuals in returning to the activities they love doing the most.

Covid-19 Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Treatment Programs
Having had experience working post COVID19 patients we have observed that the recovery process can take time as individuals may experience overexertion and exhaustion after walking 40 feet, or doing simple things as getting out of bed or standing up from a chair. Therefore, it is important to monitor their cardiac and lung function output levels and not rush the process. Therapy should be focused on improving endurance levels and strength which will ultimately improve functional abilities to perform tasks.

We understand that the recovery process can be frustrating. The physical and occupational therapists at Wedell Home Therapy are here to help. After assessing the patient with a thorough evaluation, we will develop a program that is geared towards the individual’s goals and restoring function, and strength. Unfortunately, there is still so much we do not know about this virus so it is important to understand that not every patient’s recovering process, experience and Covid-19 complication will be the same.

Wedell Home Therapy physical and occupational therapists have a great amount of experience and success working with Covid-19 patients restoring their functional ability and vastly improving their ability to perform their daily activities. We are all tested regularly for Covid-19 and follow all CDC guidelines to assure utmost safety to our patients and families.

If you or a loved one have questions about physical therapy or occupational therapy services to aid in the recovery of Covid-19, please contact us. 

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