About Mark


Mark dedicates his practice to helping his clients reclaim their lives in the comfort of their own home.

He has great awareness and skills when it comes to treating individuals with neurological and various medical conditions.

Mark involves family members and caregivers in the rehabilitation process. He feels that a patient can achieve increased independence in activities of daily life with the support of loved ones and caregivers.

Mark strives to help every individual achieve their dreams and desires by developing realistic and client specific rehabilitation goals.  He uses an intergrative approach by promoting an optimal rehab program to maximize rehabilitation of life skills and function.



Mark Wedell is a wealth of knowledge. All questions are welcome. Resources and treatment are based solely on your individual needs and medical condition.

Joseph Chirco, MS, OTR/L, CSRS

Physical Therapy Assistant
Maria Li Calzi, P.T.A

Wedell Home Therapy OT
Michelle Penso MS, OTR/L

Searching for a Trusted Home Rehabilitation Agency or Skilled Occupational Therapists? Mark's team is expanding to meet the home healthcare needs of Nassau County, Long Island residents.

At Wedell Home Therapy rehab services are provided at the clients home. Promoting independence where it counts in a trusting and caring environment. Meet Mark and Joe two associates of Wedell Home Therapy. Each therapist is a NY State Licensed and Registered Occupational Therapist. Each therapist holds advanced certifications in Stroke rehabilitation. Advanced certifications ensure the best and appropriate stroke rehabilitation services are provided to you or your loved ones. 


Joe holds a CSRS (Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist) certification from the American Stroke Association. Mark holds a A-One neurobehavioral Assessment certification identifying deficits of those afflicted by a stroke/CVA/brain injury. Joe and Mark have a cumulative sum of rehabilitation experience over 30 years.

Each client benefits from their years of expertise and experience. Wedell Home Therapy offers professional stroke rehabilitative services above and beyond the typical rehabilitation home care rehab service with advanced skill and training.

Wedell Home Therapy approaches are supported by the latest clinical research and up-to-date education. The care you will receive is genuinely caring, supportive, empowering and highly skilled. The custom rehab approach includes but is not limited to: accessing, planning, goal setting, facilitation, training, education, instruction, and assisting. Mark and Joe work with clients on best practices for skill building, strengthening and motivating. 

Occupational Therapy (OT) services are provided in the privacy of the client’s home. A home rehab experience supports basic functioning at the homebound level and beyond.  Outcomes are focused on greater independence. Our home OT’s work with clients to their maximize capabilities or until your family members’ goals are reached.

The home rehab experience includes care giver education, instruction, training and empowerment, home modifications, and wheelchair assessments. Therapists also make medical equipment recommendations appropriate to the clients needs and living situation. Recommendations are helpful to the client and caregivers. Occupational Therapists order medical equipment for clients to improve mobility and function. 


Knowledge lends Wedell Home Therapy OT’s to be supportive matching physical limitations to vehicle assessments for conversion vans, modifications to existing vehicles and even home modifications. This is a very encompassing approach to supporting independence and promoting movement through pattern reinforcement by specialists. 
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Maria Li Calzi is a Physical Therapy Assistant with over 10 years of experience in the business. She has experience working in outpatient clinics helping hundreds of patients with joint replacements, back injuries, vestibular and balance deficits, sports injuries and post-surgical shoulder, wrist, knee, and ankle injuries. She is currently working at a short-term rehabilitation facility, whose primary population is the geriatric community whom have suffered from strokes, cardiac surgeries, post cancer treatment complications and many other areas to help restore their functional ability and prepare them for their home environment.

Maria has experience in various medical settings including outpatient, rehabilitation and home care. Her specialties include working with patients with balance deficits, joint replacements, vertigo, and vestibular disorders. She helps patients return to their activities of daily living. She is certified in active release techniques and kinseotaping techniques. Both techniques are designed to target and treat soft tissue disorders through muscle mobilization to restore blood flow in specific muscle groups. Maria seeks to improve a patient’s recovery time from a medical event. Patient quality of life is her number one priority. Contact Wedell Home Therapy to make an appointment.


Michelle is an occupational therapist with an expertise in working with infants, children and adults. She works with children, ages birth to twenty-one, in a variety of clinical settings including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and sensory integration environments. Through her clinical experiences, Michelle has worked with children and adults with varying diagnoses including, but not limited to, autism, sensory processing disorder, torticollis, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, hemiparesis, stroke, brachial plexus disorder, neurological impairments and orthopedic injuries and surgeries.

Throughout her professional career, Michelle has always had an interest in health and wellness. Four years ago, Michelle transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle and noted significant improvements in her own health and wellness and the impact it had on her daily functioning. Working with children who have varying diagnoses, Michelle began observing the consequences of unhealthy eating behaviors which often coincided with behavioral issues. She continued to research the effect of plant-based eating and the impact on health and wellness, and she obtained a certificate in plant-based nutrition. In 2017, this knowledge and passion to educate others motivated Michelle to create a plant-based cooking group at a major institution with a Health Supportive Chef. In addition, she arranged two guest speaker series to help educate and provide resources for families. Through occupational therapy’s scope of practice, Michelle is able to educate people about wellness and the impact on function, as well as assist families with recommendations for adaptive equipment for improved independence in the kitchen.

Michelle is passionate about working with individuals and their loved ones to establish and meet client-centered goals that promotes independence and excels at providing adaptive equipment recommendations to improve safety and functional independence within all aspects of the home. In addition, Michelle has specialized training in adaptive aquatics which allows for functional improvements of motor skills, balance, sensory processing and postural control for pediatrics and adults. She aspires to educate and empower people to lead more independent and functional lives. Michelle currently serves Manhattan and Long Island and is also available for telehealth.